ERA department stores is a new department store concept that was launched by Ermes Group Cyprus in March 2020, just days before the COVID-19 lockdowns started.

ERA was launched as the 'Evolution of Shopping' and at its core was Valuelenz. The Evolution of Shopping required a contact-free store, where the customer would become autonomous from selecting a product, all the way to paying for it and leaving the store. The innovation was not a simple Scan & Go solution. Valuelenz was integrated at every touchpoint. From the actual store, to Personal Shopping via video calling.

What was special in the ERA department stores case, was that we used our own, patent-pending device, called ‘DeTagit' to offer a completely contact-free experience, for removing the security tags (anti-theft devices) from products.


Watch the videos below to see how customers used Valuelenz to shop, and used DeTagit to remove security tags.